Cobol laboratory I

Quadrimestre 2 - Information management systems option

36 hours

Coordinator : EFO

Teaching staff : EFO, HAL, BIS

General course description

12 hours are dedicated to having the students acquainted with a mainframe environment as well as to provide them with the basic elements for the JCL language. 24 hours focus on supervised assignments meant to integrate syntax practice of COBOL. A small recapitulative application concludes this module.

Learning basic skills

Theory course on COBOL. Notions seen in Logic and Programming Techniques as well as the contents of Organisation and exploitation of the data: rules of structured programming, table concepts and sequential files are considered known.

Course Aims

Knowledge of the basic COBOL instructions. Be able to write in COBOL small and well-structured programmes in a mainframe environment. Be able to establish a link with Programming Logic and Techniques and Organisation and exploitation of data

Course Outline

12.5 hours are dedicated to an initiation to working in a mainframe environment:

  • Roscoe
  • JCL (Job Control language): basic notions
About 15 hours are dedicated to supervised assignments. 10 hours are dedicated to carrying out a small recapitulative application.


  • COBOL ESI course book (1st year)
  • A. Clarinval, Comprendre et connaître le Cobol85, Presses universitaires de Namur
  • , Cobol User Guide I.B.M.
  • , Cobol Reference Manuel I.B.M.