Cobol I

Quadrimestre 2 - Information management systems option

24 hours

Coordinator : HAL

Teacher : HAL

General course description

Study of the notions and basic instructions leading to writing a simple COBOL program

Learning basic skills

Knowledge and understanding notions seen in Programming logic and technique as well as the course Data organisation and exploitation. The rules of a structured programming, the concepts of table and sequential file must be mastered.

Course Aims

Theoretical and practical knowledge of a "basic" COBOL in a mainframe environment

Course Outline

1. Characteristics of a Cobol programme.

  • Language elements
  • Writing rules

2. Identification and Environment Division.

3. Data Division.

  • Data Division Format : role of the different sections.
  • Declaration of the variables:
    • structures and isolated zones
    • Picture, Value, Usage clauses
  • Examples in Working-Storage Section.

4. Basic instructions (elementary formats).

  • Execution halt
  • Data transfer (MOVE).
  • Simple alternative (IF).
  • Iteration (PERFORM UNTIL).

5. Declaration of sequential files.

  • Environment Division.
  • Data Division.
  • Sequential files takedown
  • Full example

6. Editing characters

7. Arithmetical instructions

8. Complements to the basic elements

  • Cobol conditions
  • The various conditional structures
  • The various iterative structures

9. The tables.

  • Description of the tables
  • Initialisation
  • Accessing elements

Various complements

  • Accessing standard files
  • Files with variable format records


  • COBOL course book (poESI)
  • A. Clarinval, Comprendre et connaître le Cobol 85 Presses universitaires de Namur 1991
  • , Cobol User Guide I.B.M.
  • , Cobol Reference Manual I.B.M.