Analysis I

Quadrimestre 2 -

24 hours

Coordinator : MCD

Teaching staff : MCD, FPL, CLG, PMA, APA

General course description

This course is the introduction to the course of analysis that continues during the three years of the baccalaureate.

It quickly introduces what analysis is and the place of analysis during the development of an application.

Then, it introduces the UML diagrams and their utility for the realization of an analysis project. UML diagrams are then put into a situation in exercises.

Learning basic skills


Course Aims

Have the students understand the useness of analysis and of the UML diagrams.

Learning outcomes

To be able to

  • Know and understand the objectives of the analysis.
  • Understand and be able to produce a diagram of classes, objects, packages and use cases.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Diagrams of classes, objects and packages (theory + exercises)
  • Use Case Diagrams (Theory + Exercises)