Physics Laboratory

Quadrimestre 2 -

General course description

11 laboratory in direct relation with the physics course and the computer introduction coures (for the laboratory 9 and 10) are scheduled.

Lab 1/ Resistor circuit in series (voltage measurement, intensity, Ohm's law, Kirchoff's law ...) Lab 2/ Resistor circuit in parallel Lab 3/ Study of the charge and discharge of a capacitor Lab 4/ Series and parallel capacitor circuit Lab 5/ Resistance and AC capacitor association: Study of low-pass filters Lab 6/ Resistance and AC capacitor association: Study of high-pass filters Lab 7/ Study of DC diodes Lab 8/ Study of AC diodes. Realisation of the Graetz bridge and smoothing by capacitor: transformation of the AC current to DC current Lab 9/ Study of transistor and realisation of logic gates AND / OR using NAND / NOR gates Lab 10/ Realisation of a 4-bit binary counter Lab 11/ Signal and image processing on Scilab


High school physics notions: electricity, waves and optic Notions learnt at the Physic's lessons.

Learning basic skills

Attending the course and doing the exercises

Course Aims

Applications and illustrations related to the concepts covered in class.

Course Outline

  • Lab sessions on direct currents (resistance, diode, transistor,...)
  • Lab sessions on digital electronics (logic gates, flip-flop...)
  • Lab sessions on alternating currents (charge and discharge of a condenser, filters,...)
  • Lab sessions on wireless transmissions