Programmable Automatons I

Quadrimestre 3 -

General course description

  • Detailed study of the functions of the CPU (Central Programming Unit).
  • Study and use of the extended instruction set.
  • Implementation and parameterization of peripheral cards (AD/DA, frequency meter, counting and SSI bus).

Learning basic skills

Knowledge of the basic instruction set (first-year course).

Course Aims

To be able to program a complex automation installation.

Course Outline


Chapter 1: Structured Programming (4 hours)

  • content of the standard
  • structure of a project, blocks and components
  • parameters and variables
  • local mnemonics and local memory
  • study of organization blocks (OB)
  • study of functions (FC)
  • study of functional blocks (FB)
  • study of immediate memories (DB)

Chapter 2: Indexing Table (10 hours)

  • configuration menus
  • CPU parameterization
  • Module parameterization

Chapter 3: Error and Alarm Processing (1 hour)

  • Saving information of an interrupted DB
  • OB of alarms and errors
  • Delayed, hourly, processor and diagnostic alarms

Chapter 4: Complex Operations and Parameters (8 hours)

  • words and bits
  • loop operation
  • real numbers and floating-decimal numbers
  • extended operations
  • operations on several accumulators
  • parameters of complex blocks
  • structure and table
  • Date and Time
  • String
  • Pointer and Any

Chapter 5: Register and Indirect Addressing Operations (2 hours)

  • Absolute and indirect addressing
  • Address registers

Chapter 6: System Functions (1 hour)

  • Survey of system functions
  • System function and error message

Chapter 7: Use of Libraries (1 hour)

  • Overview of libraries
  • System functions

Chapter 8: Data Management (1 hour)

  • Basic and complex data
  • Combined structure and table

Chapter 9: Processing of Analogical Values (2 hours)

  • Addressing and conversion of input signals
  • Addressing and conversion of output signals
  • Processing, limited values, delays, scales

Chapter 10: Processing of High-frequency Digital Values (1 hour)

  • Addressing and processing of the signal
  • Study of the frequency-meter system functions
  • Study of the counting system functions

Chapter 11: Processing of Digital Values under SSI Bus (1 hour)

  • signal addressing and processing
  • description of the peripheral card
  • study of the system function position


  • starting up the CPU
  • FC function with and without parameter
  • FB functional block with immediate DB
  • Parameterization of the CPU
  • Post-multiplication jump
  • Permutation function on accumulators
  • Loop programming with indirect addressing
  • address registers
  • handling of DBs
  • use of structures and tables in a block
  • parameterization and programming of the AD/DA card
  • parameterization and programming of the frequency meter and counter
  • parameterization and programming under SSI bus.


  • Simatic programmation (Part 2)