Programming language C/C++

Quadrimestre 3 - All options

48 hours

Coordinator : NVS

Teaching staff : NVS, ABS

General course description

Language C, Language C++

These two languages are taught to students who are supposed to possess an in-depth knowledge of Java and assembler.

Learning basic skills

Java programming language and ASM (cf. 1st-year course)

Course Aims

Initiation to the manipulation of pointers and C/C++ specifics in comparison to Java

Course Outline

Language C (more or less 12 hours)

  • Structure and content of a C programme
  • Functions, headers, pre-processors: notions
  • Similarities of operators and control structures with Java
  • Pointers
  • Functions of the standard library

Language C++ (more or less 38 hours)

  • History
  • C++, a better C (comments, variable declaration slot, void and const, reference, default arguments, surdefinition of functions, inline functions, new and delete, cin and cout)
  • C++: an object-oriented language (class, constructor and destructor, operator overloading, static functions and members, friend functions, inheritance, exceptions, template)
  • STL (vector, list, map, set, stack, queue, iterator,...)
  • Implementation in an integrated developmental environment (realisation of GUI interfaces, various components, sockets, DB access)

Note:each chapter is illustrated with programming examples.


  • P.J. Plauger, La bibliothèque C standard, Masson, Paris (1995)
  • B. Stroustrup, The C++ programming language, Addison-Wesley (1991)