C/C++ laboratory I

Quadrimestre 3 -

General course description

Realisation of supervised assignments in language C mainly focusing on the comprehension of the pointers.

Realisation of two projects in C++: - the first one consists in an application in terminal mode exclusively; - the second consists in a complete application including graphic components (GUI interface)

Supervised GUI-oriented assignments are scheduled between these two projects.

3 tests also take place, their results added to the marking of the two projects form the final note.

Learning basic skills

Theory Course C/C++ (2nd year)

Programming Techniques and Logic (1st and 2nd year)

Course Aims

Assimilation of theoretical notions seen in the C++ and Logic and Programming Techniques courses.

Learning good programming techniques in C and C++

Course Outline

Supervised assignments

Language C: September, October In GUI C++: end January, beginning February


C++ terminal mode: November, December, January GUI C++: February, March, April, May

Tests: N°1 (C): end November N°2 (C++): January N°3 (GUI C++): end April, beginning May