Quadrimestre 3 -

General course description

The course gives a short outline of all matters of right: constitutional law (power organization in Belgium), legal law (organizational chart of courts, staff of justice), fiscal law (income tax, VAT), social security right (employee or independent status), social right (employment contracts), contract law, right of legal entities (companies, non-profits organizations), intellectual rights (mainly computer scientist copyrights)

Learning basic skills


Course Aims

The goal of the course is not only to draw students' attention to the fact "the right is everywhere", it manages nearly all of the social, private or professional relationships, and thus give students some elements of general knowledge, but also to give them some "keys" to start their professional life (how to organize your profession? In person or in society? Under employment contract or as a self-employed worker ? How to declare your incomes? What's a contract? Which are the rights and obligations resulting from an employment contract? How are protected the IT programs? How to take advantage of your rights in justice? And so on...)

Course Outline

  • Branches of the right
  • Sources of law
  • International / national legal order
  • Legislative power / executive power
  • Federal /community /regional powers
  • Judicial power (organizational chart of courts, staff of justice)
  • Difference between employee or independent
  • The social security of salaried workers
  • The social security of self-employed workers
  • Income tax
  • VAT
  • Legal entities ( trading companies and non-profits organizations) The major principles of the contractual regime Copyrights


  • The teacher keeps available for students all the books they would like to read