Data persistence II

Quadrimestre 3 - Industrial data processing and networks and telecommunications options

24 hours

Coordinator : ADT

Teacher : ADT

General course description

The course deals with the principles governing relational database management systems.

Learning basic skills

  • Data Persistance: sequential, relative, sequentially indexed; basic principles of indexes, ...
  • Mathematics: principle of a whole, holistic operators and features.

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction (3 hours)

  • Limits of a file management system
  • Specifications for a database management system

Chapter 2: ANSI/SPARC Model (1 hours)

  • Internal, conceptual and external diagramss
  • Data dictionary

Chapter 3: Relational Model (20 hours)

  • Various generations of database management system
  • Basic concepts [fields, relation (diagram, extension, semantics), etc.]
  • Relational algebra (Union, product, selection, projection, juncture, etc.)
  • Relational languages
  • Standardization (functional dependency, relation keys, etc.) and exercices


  • G. Gardarin, Bases de Données objet et relationnel, Eyrolles
  • J.-L. Hainaut, Bases de données et modèles de calcul, Dunod