Administration and management of Windows networks

Quadrimestre 4 -

General course description

The management of a network is vital to the smooth running of networks within the framework of distributed computing.

Learning basic skills

The following courses of the first year:

  • Introduction to Networks and Telecommunications
  • Communication Models and Protocols

The following courses of the second year:
  • LAN Solutions

Course Aims

To gain a better understanding of the concepts and terminology related to the administration of a network, especially the network architecture of an operating system, the administration of users and resources, the terminology used in a distributed environment reliant on the OSI and TCPO/IP model with the Windows operating system.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Installation of a Windows server
  • Installation and configuration of services
  • Active Directory
  • User management
  • Administration of a Windows server
  • Security system of a Windows server
  • Sharing ressources (NFS, DFS)


  • ESI lecture notes
  • Andrew Tanenbaum, Réseaux, Prentice Hall - InterEditions (5ème édition)
  • Mark Minasi, « Windows Server 2008 R2 », Eyrolles