Network Administration and Management

Quadrimestre 4 -

36 hours

Coordinator : PBT

Teacher : PBT

General course description

This Network Administration and Management course centers on the know and knowhow, each of which is orally exposed with the concepts and sometimes completed with an implementation on the machine.

Course Aims

To be able to understand the tasks and responsibilities of a network and service administrator.

Course Outline

  • DNS - Domain Name Server (with manipulations)

  • NIS - Network Information System
  • NFS - Network File System
  • SAMBA - Plugeable Authentification Modules (with manipulations)
  • LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (with manipulations)
  • ACL - Access Control List
  • Services
  • Print Server CUPS - Common Unix Printing System
  • Web server Apache (with manipulations)


  • Pierre BETTENS, Slides, to print
  • Various links to consult are given during the courseonline
  • , Administration réseaux sous LinuxOlaf KIRSH et Terry DAWSON, ed. O'REILLY
  • , Le système LinuxWelsh, Dalheimer et Kaufmann, ed. O’REILLY
  • , TCP/IP Administration de réseauCraig Hunt, ed. O’REILLY
  • , Samba, installation et mise en oeuvreRobert Eckstein, Davis Collier-Brawn, Peter Kelly, ed. O’REILLY
  • , LDAP,installation et mise en oeuvre, ed. O’REILLY