Cobol laboratory II

Quadrimestre 4 - Information management systems option

24 hours

Coordinator : EFO

Teaching staff : EFO, HAL

General course description

Study of the principles and instructions allowing the writing of a Cobol program.

Learning basic skills

Theory course on Cobol. Knowledge and comprehension of notions of logic, file, system. Perfect knowledge of the files (Cobol uses sequential, indexed and relative files).

Course Aims

Knowledge of Cobol (1st semester) and and advanced Cobol (2nd semester) + laboratory sessions (included Cobol/400).

Course Outline

16 hours are dedicated to acquainting the students with a mainframe environment. In this context, the students are asked to carry out projects relying on basic COBOL instructions.

18 hours introduce the students to the iSeries environment. The students are asked to carry out a COBOL application.

The remaining 16 hours are meant to realizing an application on mainframe using files in a VSAM environment