General economics workshop

Quadrimestre 4 -

General course description

This course starts by introducing the basic theoretical concepts in economy. It deals afterwards with assignments and discussions on the current economy in order to illustrate the economic mechanisms under a pedagogical light.

Learning basic skills

1st year mathematics course

Course Aims

To be able to adopt an angle on the main economic events currently taking place bearing in mind the basic economic mechanisms

Course Outline

Chapter 1: introduction to economic issues

  • What is economy?
  • Backbone of the economy
  • Allocation of resources and production possibilities
  • Responses of the economic systems

Chapter 2: Microeconomic analysis

  • Product market
  • Price and quantity in a competitive situation and in a monopoly situation
  • Cleared market
  • Consumers' choice and demand for products
  • The producer's choice
  • Role of the state in the allocation of resources

Chapter 3: Macroeconomic analysis - <1>National accounting

  • Cleared national income
  • Macroeconomic balanced situation


  • Illustration and discussion on a current economic issue
  • Analysis and impact of events on the economy


  • Jacquemin & Tulkens, Fondement d'économie politique, De Boeck
  • De Wasseige, Les mécanismes de l'économie, Vie Ouvrière
  • Burda & Wyplosz, Macroéconomie, De Boeck