Microcomputer Applications

Quadrimestre 4 -

60 hours

Coordinator : EGR

Teacher : EGR

General course description

Microcontrollers and embedded systems programming

Learning basic skills

The Microprocessor Techniques and Physics first-year courses

Course Aims

Proficiency in a development technique of embedded systems based on microcontrollers (equipment and demands, constraints and specificities)

Course Outline


  • Some historical and technological points
    • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
    • Field of application
    • Some implementation examples
    • Development tools
    • Tools available in the laboratory

  • Microcontroller Microchip or ARM
    • External view - functional I/O access
    • Block diagram and description of functionalities
    • Instruction set
    • Registers
    • I/O management
    • Interruption management
    • "timer" management


After a few exercises, students are required to develop a personal application incorporating an electronic part

  • Application examples
    • Every application involving communication between the microcontrollers and/or PC
    • Interfacing of receivers, output measuring actions (signals for the power, image commands), time management
    • motorised robots with sensors and remote control


  • Various articles and application notes