Internet Services

Quadrimestre 5 -

General course description

As Internet technology has become the standard of local network connections, the lab sessions focuse on the design of a network, selection of the servers and their installation.

Learning basic skills

  • LAN solutions
  • Network administration and management (Windows)
  • web development (2nd year)

Course Aims

  • implementation of mail servers, directories, ftp, telnet,DFS, routing.
  • Securing an Internet application on an internal server coupled with various services.

Course Outline

  • Information management; needs analysis; putting together a team, allocation of the various roles: author, webmaster, administrator, etc.
  • Study of Internet/Intranet LAN/WAN networks: supply, design, implementation, security, company connection to the Internet
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Intranet servers running under Windows NT: Web server, Directory, Electronic Messaging, Proxy, DNS, FTP, applications, etc.


  • Mark MinassiMastering Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 , Sybex, IPSec, CampusPress
  • Gauthier Delfosse, Administration et gestion de serveurs Intranet-Internet, Ulysse Group