Analysis III

Quadrimestre 5 - Information management systems option

12 hours

Coordinator : FPL

Teacher : FPL

General course description

The course aims to demonstrate through a computer project, the integration of all the elements necessary for the delivery of a quality Automated Information System (AIS), these elements have been seen during previous years. The course explores the various aspects of project management, pre-study, specifications and tests.

Laboratory (lab) allow students to practice all the concepts covered during the three years and to discover the practical aspects of project organization, requirements, object-oriented modeling and documentation writing.

The course is coordinated with the laboratory of Software Workshop, where students program a part of the AIS analyzed during the laboratory.

Learning basic skills

Concepts presented in the first-year and second-year courses.

Course Aims

  • master all the concepts (presented during the three years of BAC) allowing the analysis and the design of an AIS
  • be able to develop a comprehensive analysis and design of a problem to automate
  • be able to learn a methodology and work with it actively