Network architecture and engineering laboratory

Quadrimestre 5 -

General course description

The course deals with the architecture of enterprise networks under all their forms. The exercises focus on interconnection techniques, architecture organization as well as information flow management and control.

Learning basic skills

Courses on networks, introduction, transmission, protocols and management

Course Aims

  • Studying the different steps when setting up an enterprise network, its cabling through the integration of multinational companies' networks. Setting up tenders.
  • Setting up and organizing an intranet and managing control and traffic safety.

Course Outline


  • A state-of-the-art network
    • Cabling in local networks
    • Interconnection of networks in multinational companies
    • Network (intranet, Internet, Extranet)
    • Network safety


Exercises are carried out relying on the platform created during the "administration sessions" (AGR2I) in the second year.

  • Link PPP
    • Interconnection of 2 routers with a serial line
    • Implementation of the PPP protocol
    • Addressing and routing: configuration
  • bundle management - filtering
    • Installation and configuration of NETFILTER and its tools
    • Addressing filtering
    • Ports filtering
    • Protocol filtering
    • Screening router: configuration and efficiency
  • VPN
    • Installation of a VPN linking 2 subnets


  • M. Van Haelen, Labo 604 - architecture et ingénierie réseau, ESI
  • Différents guides du projet LDP
  • Différents HOW TO's du projet LDP
  • Les manuels et articles associés à NETFILTER
  • Guide utilisateur UNIX
  • A.Tanenbaum, Réseaux, Prentice Hall