Network architecture and engineering laboratory

Quadrimestre 5 -

General course description

The course deals with all the aspect of network architecture. The exercises focus on interconnection technique, architecture organisation, management as well as information flows.

Learning basic skills

Notions covered in the previous network courses, introduction, transmission, protocols and administration

Course Aims

  • Learning the steps in building up an enterprise network, starting with the wiring infrastructure to the integration of multinational networks. Drawing up specifications.
  • Being able to build and organise an intranet as well as control and manage traffic

Course Outline

Theoretical part

  • A state-of-the-art network
    • Wiring infrastructure in LAN
    • Interconnection of multinational networks
    • Opening of the network (Intranet, Internet, Extranet)
    • Securisation


The exercises will be done relying on the AGR21 sessions in the second year.

  • PPP link
    • Interconnection of two posts "router" through a serial line
    • Implementation of PPP protocol
    • Router addressing configuration

  • Data packet management and filtering
    • Installation and configuration of NETFILTER and its tools
    • Filtering addresses
    • Filtering ports
    • Filtering protocols
    • Configuration of an "efficient" filtering router

  • VPN
    • Installation of a VOP linking two sub-networks


  • M. Van Haelen, Labo 604 - architecture et ingénierie réseau, ESI
  • Guides on LDP projects
  • HOW TOs for LDP projects· Guides on LDP projects
  • Handbooks and articles on NETFILTER
  • User manual UNIX
  • A.Tanenbaum, Réseaux, Prentice Hall