Quadrimestre 5 - Information management systems option

12 hours

Coordinator : DNA

Teacher : DNA

General course description

Understanding of the process involved in setting up an e-business application.

Learning basic skills


Course Aims

  • Increased understanding of the underlying concepts in e-business and assimilation of various design stages
  • Principles of Web-based ergonomics

Course Outline

  • Introduction to e-commerce

  • definition of e-business
  • e-commerce: some figures
  • environment architecture
  • e-commerce implementation
  • what can a small- to medium-sized company actually expect from e-commerce?
  • creation of an e-commerce system
  • The 10 dos and don'ts of e-commerce on the Web
  • checklist of stages and know-how ensuring effective advertising on websites
  • ergonomics and the World Wide Web


    • Course notes