Architecture des systèmes à sécurité d'accès

Année de spécialisation

General course description

The development of "online" secure accesses (such as bank transactions for example) stems from the generalization of Internet access and raises many security issues. The fight between hackers (and researchers) and the companies that offer secure solutions gives rise to a constant evolution of the techniques used. The emergence of wireless technologies (wifi, gsm network) and efficient PDAs that integrate those technologies has increased the number of possibilities. The course will focus on those different aspects on a theoretical as well as a practical viewpoint.

Course Aims

To be able to design a secure access architecture by using wired as well as wireless connections. To understand the theoretical aspects of encryption and of the network and transmission protocols so as to analyze the existing attacks and the counter-measures implemented against those attacks.

Course Outline

1. Deployment of a Unix and Cisco-based infrastructure

  • Implementation of Unix servers
  • Switches and Ciscos routers configuration
  • Unix installation on wifi router

2. Wifi access and security problems

  • WEP and flaws
  • WPA
  • WPA2 TKIP and AES
  • Captive Portal and Radius
  • Wifi routers under Linux and encrypted tunnels

3. Routers security and DNS

  • BGP and Internet routing
  • Attacks on DNS

4. RFID and NFC

5. CTF Capture The Flag