Applications cryptographiques et transactions sécurisées

Année de spécialisation

48 hours

Coordinator : GVA

Teacher : GVA

General course description

Cryptography is omnipresent in security-related applications. It is consequently vital to master its use in the specification or development of security applications.

Course Aims

This course aims at giving the students the ability to choose the type of algorithm or cryptographic protocol depending on the target or depending on what has to be secured. To do so, the course will present the various existing techniques and will explain their features (i.e. what a given technique enables us to do) and their limits (what doesn't work or what is not recommended with a given technique). The cryptographic techniques will be presented in a detailed way so as to reach that target and to endow the students with some insight, leaving aside any complex mathematical details.

Course Outline

General principles

  • Historical techniques and their cryptanalysis
  • Kerckhoffs' principles
  • Ideal cipher system : Vernam cipher
  • Secret key versus private key

Secret- key encryption

  • stream cipher
  • block cipher
    • DES
    • AES
    • Operating modes

Secret-key authentication

  • message authentication code" (MAC)

Hash functions

  • Principles
  • SHA family
  • Sponge functions

Public key encryption

  • Introduction to modular arithmetic
  • RSA encryption

Public key signatures

  • RSA signature
  • Other types of signatures

Key management

  • Symmetric key management
  • Diffie-Hellman secret key exchange
  • Public key and certificates management (PKI)

Useful protocols

  • Use of cryptographic techniques in a few examples (SSL,TLS,SSH,PGP)